At tomfoolery, we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the Earth. Many of the materials used in our jewellery are sourced as sustainably as possible, focusing on recycled materials to reduce our role in today’s commercial mining practices. A key component of the tf House collection and bespoke service is using recycled gold whenever we can – less commercial mining is involved and we source the metal from previously used objects.

Many of our designers endeavour to support local communities, using handmade techniques, a community program which reduces the carbon footprint, and carefully and responsibly sourcing many of their materials from the environment surrounding them.

Our Sustainability badges clearly describe the various steps we are taking to make our jewellery as ethical as possible. Where applicable, you can find these in the description of each of our pieces.

Renowned New York designer WWAKE includes many initiatives in her collections – using recycled and responsibly sourced materials, ensuring supply chain transparency, and implementing a community program.
Another inspirational designer, Ellis Mhairi Cameron always uses recycled gold and frequently includes lab-grown diamonds in her designs.