tf Recycle

Say no to unworn jewellery and say hello to tf Recycle.

tf Recycle is perfect for those who would like to clear out their jewellery boxes and start fresh. When you recycle your old jewellery with us, we’ll accurately weigh and analyse the composition of your scrap and confirm its current market value. We’ll then issue you a store credit that you can use online or in store towards your next jewellery purchase.

All precious jewellery (featuring a hallmark or a stamp indicating metal composition) can be recycled using our tf Recycle service. Unfortunately, we are unable to recycle base metal or costume jewellery.


  1. Please fill in the online form below and we’ll send you an appraisal with an estimated value of your scrap within 2 working days. Please note that the appraisal is only a value estimate. We will confirm the actual value of your jewellery during our in-house inspection.
  2. Once you receive the appraisal and are ready to proceed, download the tf Recycle PDF form (click here to download), print it out and fill in your details.
  3. Package your jewellery securely in a box or a padded pouch.
  4. Post the package to us using a recorded and trackable service such as Royal Mail Signed For Delivery.
  5. Once your jewellery arrives to us, we will accurately weigh it and analyse it and confirm its current value.
  6. You will receive the store credit in your tomfoolery account right away, ready to spend on new jewellery.
  7. Do you have more questions? Please email us at [email protected]

Look for a hallmark on the inside of your ring, clasp of your necklace or the back side of your pendant.
How much does your jewellery weigh? For best results use a scale with at least one decimal point (e.g. a kitchen scale).
If you have multiple pieces of jewellery made of different metals, please list the composition and weight of each of them.