The Ring For Yourself


When looking towards self-purchases, we are personally all for it and what’s better than a sparkly new ring? Although at Tomfoolery we are a destination for engagement and wedding rings, it doesn’t strictly need to be bridal, and we have a lot of clients who purchase rings for other meaningful moments. Be it a birthday, promotion, graduation or personal milestone, we have plenty of styles available for all budgets.

Consider your budget carefully, if you are wanting something to mark a special moment, we would advise going for the most precious materials possible to ensure it will stand the test of time and in the long run, require fewer costs on maintenance.

Why not go bespoke and let us create your dream ring? Bespoke isn’t strictly for bridal and if you are looking for an original, one-of-a-kind ring in London, we offer our bespoke process which will allow you to design the ring of your dreams. From unique stone combinations to uncommon settings, delicate and dainty to bold cocktail rings, we specialise in the unexpected.

Before embarking on your own bespoke process and creating something truly unique, we recommend you have an initial design consultation, ideally in our North London gallery. A lot of our clients enjoy the freedom within the creative journey – choosing between cuts, colours, settings and finishes before seeing their visions come to life.

From vintage-inspired rings reminiscent of family heirlooms to modern and playful less conventional designs, our experienced in-house bespoke team and workshop will be on hand throughout the entire process to personally assist you.

If you are looking for something ready-to-wear but want something truly unique, look to our ART Ring showcase where you’ll find spectacular, one-of-a-kind designs that celebrate craftsmanship and creativity. These rings are the perfect way to express your personality and individual sense of style, alongside the satisfaction of knowing you will be the only person to own one.

The Uno Bri Art Ring by Kika Alvarenga is a wonderful choice for somebody looking for a unique everyday ring with a pop of colour. Whilst Emily Nixon’s Furbelow Bouquet Art Ring is an example of a bold and playful creation, where textured gold encircles organic precious gemstones. “The shoreline is a constant source of inspiration. The folds, furls and textures of seaweed and stone. This ring is a bouquet of glittering sapphires caught lightly amidst natural fronds of sea-worn gold, as if washed there by the tide,” says Nixon.