Unique Engagement Rings

Diana Mitchell Artemer

Here at Tomfoolery, we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for alternative engagement rings. The idea of a “traditional diamond engagement ring” has been replaced with customers seeking unique rings that will reflect their personalities.

Within our North London-based jewellery gallery, we carry an unparalleled offering of carefully selected and curated jewels by designers from all around the globe including local, European, and American independent designers such as Polly Wales, WWAKE, Anna Sheffield, Artëmer, Ruth Tomlinson, Sofia Zakia, Anthony Lent, Ellis Mhairi Cameron, Jenny Kwon and Shimell & Madden. Tomfoolery can source any ring from their collection of in-house designers, including bespoke and custom options and will also handle the entire importing process.


If you are looking for an original, one-of-a-kind engagement ring in London, we offer our bespoke process which will allow you to commission the ring of your dreams. From unique stone combinations to uncommon diamond settings or coloured gemstones, we understand that the traditional solitaire might not be for everybody.

Before embarking on your own bespoke process and creating something truly unique, we recommend that you have an initial design consultation, ideally, in-store. A lot of our clients enjoy the freedom within the creative journey – choosing between cuts, colours, settings and finishes before seeing their visions come to life.

From rings reminiscent of family heirlooms to modern and playful less conventional designs, our experienced in-house bespoke team and workshop, will be on hand throughout the entire process to personally assist you.
We can also look to adapt and transform different engagement rings that may inspire you in our gallery.


A great way to express individuality within your ring is by injecting colour. For those wanting to add a more subtle splash, in the form of a pastel hue, fancy diamonds are a great option such as this Oval Rosecut Champagne Diamond Ring by Anna Sheffield or our Asymmetric Natural Yellow Diamond Triangle Ring.

Whilst diamonds are still incredibly popular, they aren’t necessarily for everyone. More vividly coloured gemstones, such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies can provide an excellent alternative and often at a fraction of the cost.

Coloured gemstones have been a popular choice for decades, especially amongst Royalty and celebrity culture, which continues to influence clients’ purchases.

If you are still seeking a more traditional setting, such as a trilogy (often used to represent past, present and future) we have our Baguette Emerald and White Diamond Ring. For something less conventional, the juxtaposed design of our Emerald & Sapphire Four Stone Ring which combines 4 different cuts and hues in harmony.


A lot of our clients are opting for contemporary rings whilst incorporating Art Deco design motifs such as unusual diamond cuts or geometric patterns. A great way to add a subtle nod to the Art Deco period within your ring is by adding a step cut diamond, such as an Asscher, look to our Leveque Three Stone Diamond Ring from our Art Echo series or this OOAK 8 Stone Ring by Tel-Aviv based jewellery brand, Artëmer who specialise in rings with multi-layered aesthetic.


We’ve seen a high demand from those wanting more than one stone in their engagement ring and if you are wanting something a little more adventurous and artistic, we’d suggest looking to cluster rings.
By playing with unexpected compositions, you can achieve a completely unique engagement ring that incorporates different cut diamonds or coloured gemstones in a harmonious mix.
If diamonds are still your thing, look to Artëmer’s stunning creations. Whilst British jewellery designer, Ruth Tomlinson specialises in individually hand-crafted alternative rings that encapsulate ethereal character like this Green Sapphire and Asymmetric Diamond Cluster Ring.


Customers are prioritising sustainable credentials and are wanting to know more about the origins of materials and production process behind their ring.
Tomfoolery offers a truly personalised service fortified by over two decades’ worth of experience, ensuring almost all gold is recycled or fair mined, and all diamonds follow the Kimberly process. Many of the stones used when purchasing alternative engagement rings with the boutique are fully traceable and sourced directly from the mine.

Over the past 5 years, we have seen a huge increase in customers gravitating towards lab-grown diamonds, which have an identical chemical composition to earth mined diamonds but can offer complete reassurance when it comes to your carbon footprint. It is impossible to tell the difference without advanced technology and you can get a much larger diamond with better clarity, colour and cut for your investment. We can source lab-grown diamonds as alternatives for almost any of our designs.

If you are searching for an original engagement ring in London, make sure to check out our Muswell Hill gallery where you can try on countless designer engagement rings or embark upon your bespoke journey in order to create the ultimate alternative engagement ring that will be adored for decades to come.